February 4, 2013

"better late than never, but its better never being late"


tonight outing again with buddies.. watch A BULLET TO THE HEAD.. so far ok la.. interesting but... ganas sangat... enjoy ate fried rice and ice malt drink (milo).. watch live streaming football challenge on the big layar.. man city vs liver pool... of course i'm on the red' side.. actually i'm not so obviously to watch football or follow up with the updating game or the team who play... the way they try to win is much better to look... their effort to get the goals... team work... i think it's the family' habits or hobbies... my sis team favorite, red warrior... my mom on the middle side... neither left or right... she always beside of our side.. after that team lost the game, she turn back to our side.. of course on the side who win the game.. even my late grandfather like to watch football game on tv..

stop talking about football.. today's mood... winter at gelang patah.. rain fall again here from night till the morning.. cool.. no sunlight.. sit in front the joybook till the eve... surfing surfing and surfing... no life... at least i'm done with versus by hlovate yesterday.. 

better late than never, but its better never being late

HLOVATE.. who are him/her... i don't know.. male or female... by the way his/her masterpiece is really unique.. look his style on writing... the message behind the story.. make me realize.. changing to good isn't a crime.. i think i should must collect his novel and reads all of them... thanks hlovate....

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